“Believe that knowledge will set us free. From our ancestral bogey creatures and shackles of tradition. We need to believe.“

“Believe that the greys make the blacks kinder, and the whites less innocent.That everything has its place, its moment.“

Kantan: Red Ginger Lily (2023) graphic novel; panels 140-141

Kantan: Red Ginger Lily (2023)

Who heals the healers?

A dark imagined folklore of a half-human half-plant herbalist's apprentice and his/her flawed human and non-human friends.

11-year old Kantan lives with his/her herbalist mentor Ibu Tanah in a remote village. Kantan is indebted to Ibu Tanah for rescuing him/her from the claws of his/her abusive father, Pak Tan. Kantan does not speak much, and misses his/her mother, Kesuma. A young talented teacher from the city, Miss X arrives in the village one rainy evening, desperately trying to escape her rotten fate. Life in the idyllic village changes forever when, just after the teacher's arrival, more and more of the villagers' children go missing, apparently kidnapped. Can Kantan help solve the riddle of the children's mysterious disappearance?

Kantan: Red Ginger Lily. A tale told in drawings and words, as dreamt by Razli Dalan.

Details of Further Kantan August 23 Tour dates to Ipoh and Penang to be announced soon.

Watch this space!